Leadership and strategy are interrelated, and the better your leaders are, the greater the chances of you actualizing your strategy. This is where I come in. I rapidly develop leaders and teams that can effectively drive strategy from the ground up; I also prepare them to manage the chaos that always seems to rear its ugly head during execution.

I work people and teams ready to go the next level, now. My help comes in the form of behavioral profiling, experiential workshops, and executive coaching. These services are first-class. At the strategic level, I helped align one client’s C-Suite and business functions for rapid growth; they ultimately executed an initial public offering. At the tactical level, one high-potential manager improve her performance by 20% in just 14 weeks of coaching. Previous clients range from start-ups to Fortune 5, to include LifeLock, Medtronic, and McKesson. Overall, I’ve helped create over $500 million dollars of value.

I’m the author of the upcoming book, Strength Through Chaos. I work out of Phoenix, Arizona, but live in Scottsdale with my three Australian Cattle Dogs and one American Dingo.




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Let me help you quickly improve your effectiveness as a leader and as a team member. You’ll be introduced to a first-class curriculum that has been used by start-ups, billion dollar companies and even the military. My goal as a coach is simple: to help you better drive strategy, no matter the setting or conditions, and thus raise your professional value. 

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“My team at LifeLock expanded quickly to match the company growth and demand for results. Without Kevin showing us the importance of proper organizational alignment, we wouldn’t have been able to meet our overall goals. I had a highly-effective team at LifeLock and working with Kevin fine-tuned our performance. The team became more efficient, turning a 3X ROI into a 5X ROI.”

LifeLock, Chief Corporate Communications Officer


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