This is a excerpt of a recent webinar that I hosted:

“Despite their efforts in strategizing, many companies are still not prepared to deal with uncertainty in execution. Plans often do not go according to plan, resulting in confusion, distraction, and ineffective execution. This 60-minute webinar provides several solutions that leaders and managers can take back to their companies and assist them in improving performance and increasing overall employee engagement, despite the chaos they may be facing. The goal is to help them mitigate unnecessary errors in execution, so they can better drive strategy from the bottom-up, even during times of uncertainty.”

A success! Here are some testimonials:

“Kevin, Fantastic [webinar] and can’t thank you enough; one of my teammates remarked ‘it was a lightbulb moment in understanding you [the author] and what you’ve been expecting of me!’ Thank you!” – Conor, Executive on Executive Leadership Team, ENR Top 400 Construction Company

Here is another from the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE):

“We worked with Kevin to host a leadership webinar on working through a chaotic environment. Our membership found the training to be very useful and Kevin brought a lot to the discussion. It was a pleasure working with Kevin to craft a program specific to our organization and I highly recommend his services. He would be great to bring to a member organization or for any of your teams.”

Download the PDF overview by clicking here.