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In this episode, Kevin Black, Leadership Expert and Forbes Coach, explains the “why” of Black Market Leadership. He dives into the current state of leadership development and identifies some major gaps in it. If you want stand out from the crowd and accelerate your growth, Kevin makes the case for you to listen to Black Market Leadership!

About Black Market Leadership: modern leadership development is underserving you. If you want to accelerate your growth and become more competitive than your peers – and maybe even your boss – then you have to find special resources to help you. Black Market Leadership is your underground resource, specially designed to give you a competitive edge as a leader, no matter your title or position. Hosted by Forbes Coach and leadership expert, Kevin Black, learn the art and science of leadership the way military leadership and elite Fortune 500 leaders do. Gain new insights from a non-traditional perspective, connecting leadership to strategy and management, and diving deep into history, military history, and philosophy.

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