My goal is to help you “up your game” as a leader. This is a partnership and not a teacher-student relationship. No matter your specific desired outcome, working with me you can expect to INCREASE and IMPROVE in the following general areas:

  • SELF-AWARENESS, or the understanding of one’s natural strengths along with those which need to be developed. Grasp your natural inclinations toward some styles of communication and leadership versus others.
  • SELF-CONFIDENCE, or the conviction in one’s self and in one’s abilities to take charge and lead others.
  • COMPETENCIES, or the critical skills necessary to effectively build and communicate to teams, plan strategies and lead others. You are introduced to a variety of tools and methodologies used in both the military and the private sector.

Let me help you QUICKLY raise your professional value. Here are my coaching packages:

Growth Acceleration (16 hours)

Using my EDGE Challenges leadership simulators, you can accelerate up the learning and experience in a short-amount of time. This sixteen-hour program helps you to gain experiences now to support your learning, which traditionally take years to accrue. Learn to leverage strengths distinct to you. Adopt advanced tactics, methods and tool to support you a leader, executive or business owner.

Leveraging Behaviors (4 hours)

So many challenges we face are the result of our behavioral responses. Certain situations and conditions affect certain types of behaviors. Using a proven, scientific survey tool, let me help you identify your natural proclivities. See why you act one way versus another; moreover, learn how to capitalize on your natural tendencies as a leader and a team-player, be it in the boardroom or when you develop strategy.

Values Alignment (4 hours)

Believe it or not, your values, personal and professional, affect your performance. They can even influence your relationships as well as how you are perceived. Let me help clarify what you are good at by defining what exactly it is that you want – and need. These sessions are powerful as they become the core standards that guide your decision-making.

Purposeful Communication (8 hours)

Communication is the glue that ties the leader to the team. Without it, you have a just of collection of individuals without a common cause. Learn a model of communication that I’ve been using for years, one that ties the front-line with senior executives, links tactics to strategy, and invites initiative – taking the burden off you to constantly intervene.

Argument Advantage (10 hours)

Leaders make impacts with their efforts, and their ideas. You significantly raise your value if you can effectively defend yours. The opposite is also true: you can seriously damage your reputation if you can’t. This package is intense. Let me help you learn the art and science of proposing ideas and defending them in a way that makes you a constructive, effective, and a sought-out, professional.

Leading the Strategic Thinking and Planning Process (16 hours)

There is almost nothing more stressful than strategizing about the future. Add others into the mix, the task becomes more daunting. There is an art and science to developing strategy – let me show you how. Develop the knowledge and the (correct) understanding of the subject to lead a formal process, develop a plan and unite the team to execute.

Advanced Professional Development (24 hours)

This package helps you learn how to learn leadership. There is SO MUCH leadership material out there that is fluff and rebranded ideas. Learn how to differentiate what is valuable. Learn to use non-traditional mediums, from modern entertainment, YouTube and “old school,” non-traditional books and resources.