Experiential Leader Program – EDGE Challenges – How it Works

HOW DOES IT WORK? First, participants complete a behavioral survey. And not just any survey, but one that is scientifically validated and EEOC approved. Unlike most tools out there, this one shows a person’s natural strengths, how they modify their behaviors to influence your perception of them, and it also provides a snapshot of their current stress levels. What does it all mean? This information enables me to identify those factors which elicit their strengths along with those factors which are currently inhibiting them.

THE NEXT STEP is the Challenges. Teams of no less than five people and no more than fourteen come together for one and half or two day workshop. And it can be done on your premises. Each person validates the advanced curriculum through practical application, using real-time strategy (RTS) simulations. Everyone works as a team and each team is assigned a mission. Mimicking a military staff, every person cycles thru different roles, such intelligence analysis, planning, operations, and strategy development. In doing so, they employ the crucial leadership competencies of critical and strategic thinking, cross-functional communication, project and strategic planning, and managing people under stress. It’s these conditions that people are able see and recognize, their impact on the team and overall execution – which, by the way, is nearly identical to how they operate now, in the office. Each simulation is generally an hour long, which is then followed by a 30 minute or hour long reflection on performance. All this information becomes the basis for improving the person’s performance in their current role. The workshop concludes with individual’s creating and committing to specific action plans. These commitments detail exactly what they will do to improve their performance and better align to your strategies, given their new knowledge and tools.

THE FINAL STEP in the EDGE Challenges program is the submission of the consultant’s report. This document includes a general assessments of the workshop and individual performance, behavioral profiles of the participants, the participant’s action plans, and finally my recommendations for sustaining their growth. With the report’s submission, each team acquires access to the online software, eLET, or emerging leader effectiveness tool, and also, the online content.

SO, if you’re ready to take your leaders and teams to the next level of effectiveness, and you want results now, then please contact me, Kevin Black. Let’s help your company gain a competitive edge from your leaders and teams!

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