Experiential Leader Program – EDGE Challenges – Video #1 Overview

Kevin Black MA, MBA (kevin black dot co) has 20 years in the leadership development industry. He’s noticed several things about it. There’s a lot of fluff out there! A lot of content is recycled stuff, usually overloaded with the buzzwords of the moment. Probably most shocking to Kevin, being a veteran army officer, is how many programs divorce leadership from strategy. Bottomline: many programs are not as effective as they should be.

– What would your business look like if, let’s say, if you had the means of developing your people to both manage people and effectively drive your strategy?

– What would be the business impact of them performing on the level that you they think they should be performing?

– What would be personal impact to you, if can step out of the mire of daily tactics and fully deliver on your ROI?

THE GOOD NEWS IS, THIS IS POSSIBLE! Your leadership program just need two major elements. One is a holistic curriculum. Look, your content cannot be almost exclusively communication, which is often the case today; instead, it must also contain other critical elements of business, such as strategic thinking, project and strategic planning, systems management and, an understanding of people and behaviors. Now, the other element is little harder to obtain: experience! You see, even with the best curriculum, it means nothing if the content cannot be validated, in practice, in a timely manner.

EDGE CHALLENGES LEADER PROGRAM OFFERS BOTH THESE CRITICAL ELEMENTS. Named Edge challenges, or Education thru Gaming Experiences, this program offers experiential workshops that act to accelerator the growth of your leaders and teams. The program consists of a first-rate curriculum, one combines the best of the military and business worlds, and it provides fresh, new, and exciting experiences directly relevant to the roles in your business. Supporting the workshops are specialized coaching sessions, proprietary software and online content, to sustain long-term development. The goal of EDGE Challenges program is simple: to rapidly increase of value of your leaders and teams in a matter of days instead of years.

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