Experiential Leader Program – EDGE Challenges – Video #2 Advantages and Benefits

BESIDES THE ADVANTAGES of being 100% engaging, learning thru “ah-ha” moments instead of listening to Power Point lectures, and gaining near- instance awareness of your unique strengths, the EDGE Challenges program has four MAJOR BENEFITS:

– FIRST, Kevin’s clients have observed near immediate improvement in the performance of their participating leaders and teams. In fact, one high-potential manager increased her effectiveness by 20% in a matter of weeks.

– THE SECOND benefit is the improved contribution to your strategy. Participants gain the know-how, along with the tools, to better drive strategy from the ground up. In doing so, your people can offer strategic solutions to challenges or opportunities that you may not see in corporate headquarters. For example, in one workshop, a team of 30 managers and directors each created a potential strategic initiative to be submitted for review by the company’s executive leadership team.

– THE THIRD benefit is the increase of your overall leader bench-strength, or the number of capable leaders available at any given time. We employ proprietary tools that establish a baseline of leader effectiveness, which can then be used for focused coaching. This benefit, of course, supports your succession planning.

– THE FOURTH and final benefit is sustaining your leader’s progress through specialized, proprietary tools.

EDGE Challenges’ workshops are not a one-time experience; our software and online content helps to ensure your people sustain their level of growth over the long-term.

OVERALL, the EDGE Challenges program is a major step in helping you gain a competitive edge in the execution of your strategies thru you leaders and teams.

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