If you are responsible for workforce development in your organization, then you are going to want to sign up for my upcoming webinar on Thursday, July 30! I’ll be discussing a new process that I’ve employed using streaming services as a tailored coaching program. The results have been incredible, and I’ll provide you some insight into how to use Netflix, Prime, and Hulu to improve performance and increase engagement of your workforce, in your organizations.

  • Learn Advantages & Benefits. Take your leadership development to the next level. Learn to increase your engagement scores and improve performance using Netflix, Prime, and Hulu as resources.
  • Examine a General Model. Take a inside look into a current program, examing the standards, structure, duration and key component to make a tailored program using streaming services.

  • Learn about the essential pre-requisites. This is not just watching shows. No, there are essential elements that must be incorporated in order to gain the greatest ROI from this type of learning model.

  • Participate in Q&A with current facilitators. Ask questions and gain insights from the creator and a facilitator in a Fortune 50 company.