Here is intro to the article published by client, Christoph Lohr:

Several months ago I wrote about personality metrics months back. I recently partook in an exercise that I feel I need to update my ranking system: I have a new favorite behavioral (personality) test and it wins by a long shot: PDP Proscan.

A quick recap of my previous article:

I recently had a conversation with Kevin Black, a leadership and strategy consultant, a former army officer, and a Forbes Coaches Council member, discussing personality metrics. He described a personality metric that he administrates that sounded like a conglomeration between all the best parts of my favorite metrics (PI, MBTI, DISC). Unlike other metrics, this one focused only on working professionals, it got rid of marketing bias (no cool names for personality versions), it was EEOC Compliant, and it was science-based.

Here is the link to the article: