#Leadership books don’t have to be your primary source of professional development. #Fiction #adventure plays a critical role: it gives you concrete examples about people, behaviors, strategies and leaders, all wrapped in exciting stories. This is also true of science fiction, especially #FrankHerbert #Dune.

In effect, Dune is the story of a young duke, Paul “Muad’did”, who is forced into exile on the desert planet, #Arrakis (which is also the most important planet in the universe for its natural resource, spice), and unwittingly becomes the leader of its indigenous people, the #Fremen, all of whom are inching towards a global #jihad against exploitative empires.

Dune’s background and characters are impressive, and the story weaves together #philosophy, #relationships, #behaviors, #strategy, #politics and #leadership.

Here are some great nuggets that I think really stand out:

  • Why you exist as a leader.
  • When to be a Leader.
  • Your Return on Investment (#ROI) as a leader.
  • Effective leadership requires effective thinking.
  • You must learn to think for yourself.
  • Learn to see what things truly are and not what they only appear to be.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Identify your Competitive advantage.
  • Life – and success – demands constant progress, energy and action.
  • Understand the impact of behavior, culture and values.

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