What do two professionals in the leadership development industry, both military veterans, think about modern leadership development in Corporate America? Join us for a thought-provoking discussion between Kevin Black, Forbes Coach, and Jim Hotaling, MSL, President and Global Head of Leadership Development at N2Growth. Kevin and Jim analyze current trends and discuss the glaring gaps they notice, when compared to their experiences and careers.

Some topics of the discussion include:

  • An unhealthy, but expected reception of “leadership development” by executives
  • The absence of one of two pillars of leadership in general curriculum
  • When “leadership training” becomes synonymous with fluff and non-objective, feel-good stuff
  • The differences between leadership training and education
  • The critical, but unspoken nuances of common leadership topics, such as “trust”
  • When “leadership development” becomes a vessel for religious or political advocacy

Interested in this topic and want to learn more? You can connect with Jim at LinkedIn, James Hotaling, MSL | LinkedIn or at Jim Hotaling | Head of Leadership Development & Assessment – N2Growth. Also, you can find Jim at his podcast, The Iron Sharpens Iron Movement with Host Jim Hotaling (n2growth.com). You can connect with Kevin at Kevin Black | LinkedIn, or signup for a free membership at Black Market Leadership!