Here’s a brand new video from Auxana Inc. explaining their new service of behaviorally profiling their general counsels! Companies are now being afforded the rare opportunity to select their GC based on expertise AND behavioral compatibility. These are some exciting times as Auxana is disrupting the legal market!

Auxana ( is a disrupter in the legal market. Besides advocating for flat fee legal and saying NO to the billable hour, Auxana is taking another step forward in supporting their clients’ success with the new “Trust” initiative. Companies will now be afforded the rare opportunity to evaluate their GC, based not solely on skill and experience, but also on behavioral compatibility. You see, Auxana understands that, along with expertise, relationships and cultural alignment is crucial for success, so, they’re taking the extraordinary step to ensure their attorneys are behaviorally compatible to the executive leadership team and even to the growth stage of the company. This way, the general counsel is better positioned to leverage their natural skills and talent as well as better compliment the executive team and the company’s strategy.

To do this, they’ve brought me onboard, Kevin Black (, Leadership consultant and Forbes coach. I develop leaders that chief executives want, and a part of that work includes helping to ensure that systems, processes and strategies work as intended. One way to do that is to ensure the right people are in the right role. So, I’m here to help Auxana and their attorneys, you, disrupt the legal industry by creating and establishing trust between the GC and the executive leadership team. Specifically, I’m going to behaviorally profile you. This will help you understand your natural strengths, and it will help the client understand what conditions best elicit them. This way you win, the client wins, everyone wins.

WHAT IS BEHAVIORAL PROFILING? Unlike the FBI, who uses it for problem solving, i.e. Finding a criminal, our leader profiles are little different. Using a qualified, scientific tool, you’ll understand why your natural inclinations towards one way of action versus another. Think about it: some people are openly extroverted and have no problem walking a room and shaking hands, as opposed to others who are more quiet, they sitback and avoid that kind of exposure.

Why does it matter? Like people, businesses operations are characterized by certain patterns of action, all of which make different demands on our leadership, communication, planning and execution styles. Contrast the methodical, low-risk nature of a bank to the fast pace of a software company in its growth stage. There are big differences between them, and those differences make great demands on people, especially those who are not comfortable in those environments.

So, Auxana is going to avoid these common mistakes in placement, the ones made by so many law firms who generically place an general counsels based on expertise only. Auxana is interested in ensuring both the attorney and the client win. They are going the extra step to make sure the attorney’s behaviors are not put in a disadvantageous position while ensuring the company gets the best support they can get.

HOW DOES IT WORK? As an Auxana attorney, you’ll receive an email link from me to complete an online behavioral survey. This tool is top-notch, and in my opinion from 20 years of experience in the leadership industry, it is the best. Make sure to read the directions! It will only take 5-10 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you and I will schedule a one-hour sit down so I’ll can over the results with you. I promise you: you’ll be amazed. There will be some homework to do, but it won’t take too long. Once I receive that, then I put a profile together. Your profile, along with others, will be reviewed by the potential client for compatibility. Auxana will also provide recommendations based on the company and its industry. Please remember, the profile is just one tool, but a very important one, in making sure you are placed with a company that complements your natural strengths. This is a major step in ensuring a trusting relationship between you and your client, and hopefully return business.

1. Self-awareness. A real understanding to your natural inclinations towards manners of acting. Trust me, it will explain it a lot about your performance, your relationships with partners and the client.
2. Learn to tap into your natural strengths. Having this self-awareness enables you to best apply your strengths. Some clients may look attractive, but the conditions or dynamics around them, can possibly hinder your talents. This friction and turbulence is not necessary, and understanding your behaviors helps you bypass them!
3. Increase the level of trust. Providing the potential client this transparency about you leads to trust, which in turn, can lead to return business and renewed contracts.
4. Branding and personal promotion. You’re taking part of something new and very disruptive. This is your opportunity to stick out amongst the crowd and gain new exposure.