The ROI of leadership: Improvisation

When “making it up as you go” gives your organization a competitive edge.

Leadership and strategy are interdependent. Where strategy provides a roadmap to achieve goals, leadership helps the organization adjust to unanticipated obstacles during execution. The goal of this talk is to help emerging leaders understand their value in contributing to their company’s strategy from the ground-up. Two practices to support the leaders and their teams are presented and discussed. Team exercises are conducted.

Argue Your Way to the Top: How to Gain Credibility by Defending Your Ideas.

Introducing a model of communication that supports strategy execution.

Unlike debates which are structured cerebral give-and-takes, arguments are the equivalent of intellectual barroom brawls: there are no rules and you can lose despite being correct in substance. This presentation highlights critical lessons learned from a specialized course used with senior executives to help them prepare for their boardroom experiences. The goal of this discussion is to help the audience understand the value of arguing along with the risks involved. Three basic areas are covered to help the emerging leaders best construct a position and positively defend it when they are challenged. Team exercises are conducted.

“This was probably the most beneficial course I ever purchased for my organization. It is an outstanding approach to developing very key communication skills to enhance your influence both at work and at home.” – Tammy Valdez, Senior Vice President of Member Services, overseeing a 400 person contact center.

No Wasted Words: Linking Language to Strategy Execution

Introducing a model of communication that supports strategy execution.

So much communication today is inefficient and unclear, and too often it is not directly tied to the company’s strategy. Some results are the unnecessary loss of time, duplication of effort and friction within the team. This presentation provides an alternative: a communication model that supports execution. Practices are introduced to help leaders and teams link their messages directly to goals while inviting initiative from the ground-up. Team exercises are conducted.

Developing the Right Way: How to Detect Valuable
Resources and Avoid Imposters.

How to identify valuable resources for profession development

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Games to Leaders: Leveraging Entertainment
in Leader Education.

How to employ modern gaming to accelerate the value of the younger generations.

$31 billion dollars was spent on leadership development last year and less than 10% of it went to training millennials. How can organizations develop their young, visually-oriented leaders in a fun, engaging way, and still deliver on ROI? The answer lies in gaming. There are many opportunities to leverage the experiences of gaming to leadership development, in respect to critical and strategic thinkin, planning, communicating and leading teams under pressure.