Kevin Black Consulting and Auxana Inc announce strategic partnership!

Kevin Black Consulting is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Auxana Inc, a collaborative marketplace and community for outsourced general counsel (“GC”).

Auxana is a disrupter in the legal market. Besides advocating for flat fee legal and saying NO to the billable hour, Auxana is taking another step forward in supporting their clients’ success with the new “Trust” initiative. Companies will now be afforded the rare opportunity to evaluate their GC based on behavioral compatibility to the executive leadership team and even to the growth stage of the company. This way, the GC is better positioned to leverage their natural skills and talent, can be a better compliment to the executive team, and more aligned cultural fit for the company.

Ensuring behavioral compatibility is the just one of the values Kevin Black brings to his clients, whom range from small business to public ones, to include LifeLock and Medtronic. Mr. Black’s workshops combine behavioral science with an advanced leadership curriculum using computer wargames. The goal is to accelerate the growth, and ultimately the value, of each participant in a matter of weeks instead of years.

The strategic partnership is a natural one, given the disruptive nature of Kevin Black’s leadership consulting services and Auxana’s focus on changing the GC/client relationship and operational landscape.

Kevin Black, Principal Consultant of Kevin Black Consulting comments:

“I am very excited to partner with a disruptor like Auxana. They are leading the way in changing the perception, and ultimately the relationship, between general counsels and the Board and the executive leadership team. The concept of enabling companies to select their legal support, both in expertise and by behaviors, is truly unique. By increasing transparency, Auxana is helping to build trust, and that is a game-changer in respect to ensuring effective general counsel.”

Beth Lebowitz, Chief Executive Officer of Auxana Inc, adds:

“The partnership with Kevin felt natural to me; we are so well aligned in our goals and speak the same language. This concept was a no-brainer, as one of my initiatives has been to really change the way that companies interview and engage with their next GC. Especially in the early- and growth-stages, executive collaboration can make or break a team. Being able to find the right fit early on – someone who has interest and compatibility to grow with the company – is priceless. I look forward to presenting our network of GCs in a new light and finding them great partners in the corporate community.”